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Soulja Boy and Rosa Acosta: Are They Really Engaged?

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Okay, do not panic or get heartbroken, people.  We’re just telling you that some gossip sites reported that Soulja Boy is actually ENGAGED to a model named Rosa Acosta.  Why the conclusion?  Look at this picture.

rosa souljaboy01

That rock on Rosa’s finger is a bit too big to be a friendship ring.  We gotta agree on that.  But marriage, seriously?  Maybe they’re just having fun.  And maybe Soulja Boy was also having so much fun as he kissed her back.

rosa souljaboy02

Yo, come on.  We kiss our friends’ cheeks all the time, and wearing a diamond ring does not necessarily mean we’re engaged.  However you want to see this, your next question would be… who on earth is this Rosa girl?

rosa acosta

Rosa Acosta wasn’t always a model. She started off as a classic ballet dancer, graduated from the Instituto de Cultura y Arte in her homeland, Dominican Republic, and she is one smart cookie. Did you know that she graduated with honors from the ICA and the Ballet School of Norma Garcia with a Bachelor in Art with mention to Classic Ballet? Yes, girl even became part of the Dominican Nacional Ballet as the youngest soloist member back in 2002.

rosa aurora

Rosa moved to the US in 2006 and started her new career in the modeling world, and she’s now best known as a video clip model. Word is that’s where she and Soulja Boy met.

So what do you think of her and how would you feel if Rosa and Soulja Boy really hook up?  Spill!

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Soulja Boy’s Wrong Phone Number

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009


This is what we all call a major LOL Soulja Boy news of the day.

So get this, you know that Soulja Boy cites a phone number within his hit single “Kiss Me Thru The Phone”, right?  In the lyrics of the song, Soulja Boy tells his fans to give him a buzz at 678-999-8212.  That’s actually ok for us all here in the United States, but Soulja Boy fans in the United Kingdom caused a stir when they try to call the number, as it turns out to be the number of Gerry Matley adn Catriona Howard Smith who live in Oldham, Britain.  British media reported that the couple has to receive more than 60 calls per day!  They say Soulja Boy’s fans over there are disappointed to find out that Soulja Boy does not live there.

So, Soulja Boy fans, instead of calling Soulja Boy to a wrong number, why don’t you leave a message for him here in the comment section.  Soulja Boy is a regular to this site and we’re sure he’ll come across your message.

Or better yet, there’s always Twitter and you can DM him. *wink*

Soulja Boy’s New Love Interest?

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Soulja Boy posted two curious pictures up his Twitpic just recently.  Is that his new girlfriend?



Is Soulja Boy dating Angel Lola Luv now?  We know they’re doing a song together and we think she’s a LOT cuter compared to the last girl who posed with Soulja Boy’s blings.  But do you think they’re a match made in heaven?


Lamborghini Race: Soulja Boy VS Bow Wow

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

His hotness, Soulja Boy has a new cash-purchased Lambo and he challenged Bow Wow for a race.  Here’s a video of S-Beezy takin’ us for a ride.

He paid cash for his Lambo.  That IS something.  Soulja Boy stans, I think this goes out to all of ya who purchased Soulja Boy’s songs, albums and deliciously fashionable Yums Shoes.

Okay, now here’s Bow Wow’s “RESONSE” (shouldn’t it be ‘response’? why are we the only ones on the internet who caught this fatal misspelling of such a simple word?) to Soulja Boy’s challenge.

Apparently Bow Wow’s ‘resonse’ wasn’t a hit with S-Beezy’s stans (and gossip sites).  They even talk about how Bow Wow’s Lambo was rented.  So S-Beezy set out to spare Bow Wow the embarrassment.  Check this one out.

Yea Bow Wow, show some proof of purchase.  That’s the only way to ‘resonse’ this video.  Once y’all got that settled…

…let the race begin!


Who do you think will win the race and why?

Soulja Boy, Robbed?

Friday, January 2nd, 2009


Happy New Year peeps!  We’re bummed to start 2009 with a disturbing news about our guy Soulja Boy.  But well, here goes:  When usually Soulja Boy robs our hearts and attention with his music, today we came across some gossips saying Soulja Boy was robbed.  We were shocked and worried reading this report on

Teen rapper Soulja Boy may have been robbed at gunpoint earlier this week at his home in Atlanta. However, reports are still unconfirmed.

Via text messages on the rapper’s official Twitter page, he left an ATL night club “zooted” at around 11:30 p.m. on Monday (December 29). Then hours later, the next day, two more texts popped up, stating robbers kicked in his door, and almost took his life.

“Thanking God for my life,” Soulja Boy’s Twitter message read. “Six n****z kicked in my door and tried to kill me.”

“Glad we alive, they had AKs and pistols and tried to kidnap my boy Jbar,” another message read later that afternoon.

Later Tuesday evening (December 30), the messages mysteriously disappeared, and the teen rapper hasn’t addressed the alleged attack as of press time.

Ever since the shocking messages, the rumor has popped up on several gossip sites. Then on New Year’s Eve, two masked men posted a viral video (via Bossip), claiming responsibility for the crime. However, the men claimed that they were the only two robbers and not six, as Soulja Boy originally said. They also said that only one pistol was used, and not AK-47s.

In the video, the two men boast of monitoring the young rapper’s movements, attending his album release party, and then following him by to his home.

While the video was first met with skepticism by online fans, a rep for Soulja Boy confirmed to AllHipHop that an incident did take place. However, no further information was released, other than stating that the crime is “a serious situation.”

We’ll keep our eyes and ears open about this, peeps, and we’ll keep up with the update.  We just hope it’s not true and if it were, we hope Soulja Boy, Arab and the rest of the crew is okay.  Our thoughts are with y’all.  And for stans who happen to have tips surrounding this news, do post your comments ‘coz as S-Beezy’s reps said: it was a very serious situation.

Take care, y’all.

Soulja Boy’s New Girlfriend?

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

Before we say what we’re about to say, we wanna wish you all a Merry Christmas.  We know it’s kinda late, but hey, better late than nothing, right?

Now on to the news.

Word is, His Hotness Soulja Boy is getting close with a video model.


Aha.  We know what you’re thinking.  “Sure, they pose for a bit.  That’s nothing but a friendly hug and S-Beezy isn’t really touching her anyway.  So how could it be a relationship?”  Yeah, we thought that too until we found this.


Yes, peeps.  MediaTakeOut reported that Soulja Boy gave his signature bling to Sheneka Adams, a video model.  And the bling is reported to be worth $100,000!  Come on, why would a guy give any girl $100 K worth of his most personal posession if he doesn’t even have a ‘thing’ for her?

Nobody from S-Beezy’s side is commenting on this news yet, but let’s see how this improves.

Meanwhile, any comment from you, peeps?

Soulja Boy Needs Love

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

Okay, we like Ms. Shyneeka ‘cos she’s cute and all.  But when Soulja Boy put his arm around her in this very cuddly picture, we couldn’t help but feel a little bit jealous.  See girls, our boy needs a whole lotta lovin’ and he ain’t gettin’ that yet.  Today we browse around the net to find a cute purplish pink t-shirt like the one Ms. Shyneeka was wearin’ and found this (which will tease S-Beezy like mad):

We fell in love with the “Love is All You Need” T-shirt from Hank’s Vintage Threads.  They got some really cool swag over there.  And since this is a SALE season, we’re happy to say that CoutureCandy is havin’ a 30% off on ANY purchase.  All y’all gotta do is punch in the coupon code: 30DAY upon checkout. They also have tons of swags that would make S-Beezy turn his head and prolly throw both his arms around you.  And only then you’ll say…

“Don’t be hatin’ this chick, guys!”


Soulja Boy And Nick Cannon To Do Sitcom

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

Soulja Boy and Nick Cannon (that’s Mariah Carey’s husband to you), are talking about starring in a new TV series. Word is, they’re gonna do a new version of Will Smith’s 1990s hit sitcom, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, or something similar to that.  We quote his hotness as he spoke about the upcoming plan:

“I’m working with a lot of different artists and developing my brand.  I’m working on a brand new Soulja Boy cartoon and I want to do a movie.  Me and Nick Cannon are going back and forth with a TV Show for Nickelodeon.  We are trying to come up with the perfect show, kind of like The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.”

Filling Will Smith’s old shoes is gonna be tough indeed.

Do you think Soulja Boy will be able to do it?

Soulja Boy’s Girlfriend!

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

We were shocked and shaken to our very core.  There’s a rumor out there that Soulja Boy already has a girlfriend and he’s been with her since he wasn’t even famous!  We didn’t believe it until we went to and found this evidence:

Pic from

You don’t believe it?  Yeah, we didn’t either.  Until we saw the full news on  The K-I-S-S-I-N-G pose here didn’t exactly tell us that she’s just another groupie.  Just look at S-Beezy’s radiant smile hugging her closely in this pic.  Man, we’re truly, truly heartbroken. But we do have to say that she’s cute and they make a sweet couple.  We just hope it’s not true.

Oh whatever, S-Beezy, we love you no matter what!

Soulja Boy Is Lookin’ For Love!

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

Listen up, peeps!

Word is, our man Soulja Boy is gonna have his own reality show. Wait, that’s not all.  In the show, S-Beezy is gonna be lookin’ for one hot girlfriend.  That’s rite peeps.  A girlfriend!  We are in the process of confirming this news, but let’s all hope it’s gonna happen.  Some peeps told us that the show would require a dozen of girls or so to be selected by S-Beezy himself, with eliminations.  Mediatakeout says it’s gonna be like Flavor of love only with younger and prettier girls.

We are SWEATING!  What kind of cute chick would be Soulja Boy’s pick?  Tall, short, braids, afro?  We got no clue.  All we know is that we gotta deliver this news fast ‘cuz y’all would wanna be first in line when the registration is open.

After all, if His Royal Hotness needs a princess, then a princess he should get.  Don’t y’all agree?

R u the right girl?


Yums SALE!


Yums SALE!