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Weekend Sexy: Soulja Boy & Snoop Dogg

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

It’s weekend and there’s nothing better than drooling over our darling Soulja Boy’s newest pics.  Soulja Boy shot a video with Snoop Dogg for the song “Pronto”, and the two looked gorgeous!  Without further ado, two finest men in hip-hop: Snoop Dogg and… Soulja Boy!

Snoop Soulja 06

Snoop-Soulja 01

Snoop Soulja 05

Snoop-Soulja 02

Snoop-Soulja 03

Loving the white suit, the matching accessories and the whole grown-up look on Soulja Boy.  But there is one thing, though.  His hair is a scene-stealer.

So what do you think about Soulja Boy’s new ‘do, people?

a.  He looks awesome!
b.  Nope, this time you got it wrong, Soulja.
c.  Boy can do whatever he wants, he’ll still be my boo!

And, update:  No, ladies, Soulja Boy is NOT engaged.  Hope you’re all happy!

Images via: TheYBF

Turn Your Swagg On – The Official Video

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

His Hotness Soulja Boy invites you to Turn Your Swagg On.  Here’s his newest music video, dedicated all of you.

We’re loving the video. Check out Arab in his red swagger. You know, in S-Beezy’s “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” video, we kinda got all jealous with the women. But in this video, we get to look at him and him only. Check out those Yums swags he’s got. And check out Soulja Boy’s pants. Remember that crazy cool Parish pants he wore to the BET Awards last year? Well if you look closely, there he is wearing ‘em again for this video.

And here’s your boy talkin’ about Spring Bling and Turn Your Swagg On.  Enjoy!

Spring Bling TV: Soulja Boy from LowKey on Vimeo.

Soulja Boy’s Buddy: Sean Kingston Signs Up With Yums!

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008


Lovin’ the Yamaha Mama song?  We love it too!

Soulja Boy and his buddies are on the roll.  Sean Kingston, who’s also known as a platinum recording artist and a personal friend of S-Beezy just signed a deal with Yums Shoes.

Sean will work together with Yums “Supa Throwed” designer and legendary Dallas graffiti artist, Tex, who’s one of the founding members of Infinity Crew, on his exclusive shoe design.  Sean’s shoe will be the first design of a new original Yums shoes collection that will be launched in the Spring of 2009.

Word is, the shoe will consist a blend of Jamaican colors which really tells where Sean came from.  More good news:  the shoe will drop with Sean’s sophomore album: “Tomorrow”.

We know this is a pure friendship thing, ‘coz peeps at Yums are saying that Yums now has two teen dynamites in  the music and internet world.  Speking of dynamite,  y’all can catch “Yamaha Mama”, which will be featured on Soulja Boy Tellem’s newest album which will be released on December 16th 2008.

We like hearing this. Do you?


Soulja Boy’s Signature YUMS Shoes Out Now!

Monday, December 1st, 2008

Remember this Soulja Boy vlog, peeps?

That was posted by Soulja Boy on August 20th 2008, waaayyy back before any of ya even seen the Yums Shoes he’s talkin’ about.  Back then many have yet to hear about these awesome shoes, and that one held by Soulja Boy is the Soulja Boy Signature YUMS shoes.

After launching a series of yummy colors, YUMS finally decided that y’all can steal S-Beezy’s swag by launching the Soulja Boy Signature Yums Shoes.

Yes, those very pair he’s holding on the video blog!  Cop ‘em at Finishline today!


Yums SALE!


Yums SALE!