So Soulja Boy took MTV around his Los Angeles crib (which is really a two-bedroom apartment with two bathrooms and measures up to 3,222 sq ft)  just recently, and in case you missed it, here’s the Soulja Boy LA sanctuary on MTV.

Gotta say, among the Gucci sheet and fancy things, our favorite item of Soulja Boy’s apartment is the kitchen. Y’all hear, girls?  Soulja Boy can’t possibly live off those Hot Pockets and Gatorades.  Somebody must cook for him.  And get this: it’s not the end of Soulja Boy’s episode in cribs.  He’s gonna show his fans the insides of his Atlanta crib.  Nice. Wonder what he has in there.  More Gucci sheets and LV rugs?  Does he really blow his nose with money?

We’ll be waiting, Soulja Boy.