So you might have heard about this, but if you haven’t, check this out: Soulja Boy has an iPhone app. A digital content agency, Moderati, partners up with Universal Music Group in launching Romplr. Basically, this app will enable you to tweak Soulja Boy’s songs up to the bass, drums, vocals and the sonic elements to make your own remix version. Here’s the demo video.

This app is up for grabs and you can get it for a mere $4.99.  Currently there’s only 3 Soulja Boy tracks that can be tweaked with this app:  “Crank That,” “Hey You There” and the dancefloor hit: “Turn My Swag On.”

To those with Blackberry, don’t worry, although this app is only available for iPhone right now, they’re still developing it to be extended to other mobile platforms such as Blackberry, Android, Java and Ovi.

Ready to be creative?  Get Romplr app at their offical website: