This is what we all call a major LOL Soulja Boy news of the day.

So get this, you know that Soulja Boy cites a phone number within his hit single “Kiss Me Thru The Phone”, right?  In the lyrics of the song, Soulja Boy tells his fans to give him a buzz at 678-999-8212.  That’s actually ok for us all here in the United States, but Soulja Boy fans in the United Kingdom caused a stir when they try to call the number, as it turns out to be the number of Gerry Matley adn Catriona Howard Smith who live in Oldham, Britain.  British media reported that the couple has to receive more than 60 calls per day!  They say Soulja Boy’s fans over there are disappointed to find out that Soulja Boy does not live there.

So, Soulja Boy fans, instead of calling Soulja Boy to a wrong number, why don’t you leave a message for him here in the comment section.  Soulja Boy is a regular to this site and we’re sure he’ll come across your message.

Or better yet, there’s always Twitter and you can DM him. *wink*